2.5 Pediatric Patient History Form

2.5 Pediatric Patient History Form

We now offer online scheduling for Dr. Heather Fliege!!


Important Information About Our Online Scheduling:

  • When you book an appointment online, we must manually accept it through our system to complete the booking process.  If you book an appointment after normal business hours, we will review it on the next business day.  Once it is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from us letting you know the process is complete.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, the appointment has not yet been accepted. 


  • We have our online system to allow for patients to book out up to 4 weeks.  If you get the message that there are no appointments available (such as for annual exams), it is due to the fact that we are booked out more than 4 weeks for the appointment type you are selecting.  You are welcome to call the office and schedule your appointment with us.  Please do not book another type of appointment in order to schedule (ex: needing an annual and booking a sick visit).


  • At this time, only appointments for Dr. Fliege or blood draws are available through our online scheduler.  To schedule with any other practitioner, you can contact them directly or view their individual pages on this site for more information.


We appreciate your patience and understanding with our online booking policies

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